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MORGIA, an experimental grind/hardcore unit from Jakarta, Depok and Bogor released a 3-song demo on bandcamp called ‘Implanted In Morgitronus’ including: ‘Hyperspectral Chronospheric Entity’, ‘5’ & Reconstruction Extinction of Facts’, MORGIA is a new project from several band members of different genres who want to create something different and unique, such as KELAKAR (avantgarde-metal), OBSESIF KOMPULSIF (thrashcore/powerviolence), NO MORE VICTIM DEAD (oldschool youthcrew HC), DEMONIAC (death metal), etc.


They have prepared 15 tracks for their first full length album and are still looking for record labels that will work together. lyrics and themes nuanced science fiction, metaphorical analogy and also criticism of the political situation.”



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